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Where Is The Distance Between China Foundry And International Foundry Industry?


China is a big casting country, but it is not powerful casting country. Although Chinese casting industry occupies the considerable quantity of the global foundry, but it need more strong independent innovation capability and high-tech casting technology. Especially in large castings, the quality and localization of large castings need more and more development for chinese casting industry. The large castings for heavy industry like forging and press machine,mining machinery,etc require to improve the process performance and casting quality.


The situation in China is different from other countries. Compared to developed countries in Europe and America, high-tech R & D and testing institutions are almost all concentrated in the major casting group companies, which makes the technology research and development completed to be in production at first time. In turn, the economic support of the casting group enterprise has become the "backer" of the R & D institutions, thus forming a virtuous circle. And the competition among the casting groups makes the top level of the casting group enterprise improve the technical support. How to develop better technology for casting enterprises to reduce costs and improve profits, this becomes casting company’s "small abacus"".


Chinese casting companies need expand the technology channel,then the latest news and technology goes into casting industry.The production of casting company with the development casting industry will be always on the way.