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Brief description of the casting process

1. Before casting, must be fully familiar with the cast of the process files, casting should be aware of the casting order, the required molten steel material, weight and mold distribution. Check the number of ladle, repair the quality and drying preheat, etc. are qualified, crane operation is normal.

2. Check the sand box clip, lock box bolt is tight and firm, the weight and position of the iron is appropriate, put the ring, gate cup, gate plug, etc. are properly placed. Eliminate the insecurity of the casting channel.

3. Whether the casting order, process requirements and casting requirements of the gate plug, etc. are properly placed. According to the casting order, process requirements and casting requirements of the gate plug, etc. are properly placed.

4. Casting should be immediately after the start of gas, while casting side of the air, large castings should be ignited out of the hole next to the ignition material. Pouring large pieces, pouring from the riser point after the injection of one or two, before pouring must be forced to open the shell of the shell.

5. In the molten steel poured into the riser height of 1/3 according to the provisions of the number of cast, immediately after the eradication of water from the nozzle, riser overflow of molten steel, and remove the gate cup, in order to facilitate the sand and cast the normal shrinkage.

6. After the molten steel is completely solidified, the mold can be moved, pouring later, pay attention to the amount of steel in the package, for the important parts of the casting is not allowed to drink residue phenomenon, the remaining molten steel into the remaining tank (type).

7. If the sand is stored for more than 48 hours, it can be cast normally. If it is more than 48 hours, it should be checked whether the mold meets the requirements and can be determined. No casting.

For experienced castors, these processes are no longer familiar, but for the novice, the study of these processes is essential, good casting process can make the casting more accurate.